Leader Entertainment





The client’s need

To obtain a general vision of revenues with the payment of copyright royalties to different entities (such as SADAIC- Argentine Association of Authors and Music Writers)

The impact of our job

The Marginal Contribution project resulted in:


digital platforms analyzed and consolidated in a single database


pieces of data processed daily in an automated way


optimization of data consolidation, liquidation and analysis operating times

The challenge

  • To analyze the marginal contribution of each business unit.
  • To understand what YouTube series, what video, what song and even what character are the most profitable for the company in each of the businesses in which it appears, both in the case of views in each platform and YouTube’s share revenue and the sale of theater tickets and merchandising.
  • To centralize the information obtained from different digital platforms (Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Pandora,etc), using different formats and technologies.