Mercado Libre





Client’s needs

The main need was to control in an automated way all the data generated by the operations of Mercado Envios and to do invoice reconciliation with those invoices from external mailing companies.

The impact of our job

The project of Revenue Assurance (RA) benefited Mercado Libre’s team with:


and more investment recovery during the first operating month


manual controls automated


countries with consolidated information and a comprehensive view of the business

The challenge

  • The first big challenge was to understand the logics behind the running and invoicing of each mailing service in each country and to meet the users’ visualization and analysis needs. There were more than 25 mail services in more than 5 different countries.
  • The second challenge was to develop a tool that could compare the deliveries recorded in Mercado Libre with those whose invoices were created by the mailing companies that provide services to the platform. More than 100 variables were considered in order to recalculate and reconcile each delivery. That is how “SIGNS” (Integral Shipping Business Management System, by its initials in Spanish) came into existence.
  • The third challenge was to implement the controls while at the same time adapting to the processing and management technologies used by Mercado Libre, as well as those regarding the business analysis and intelligence.
  • Another challenge involved generating and interface which allowed for the automation of the accounting record-keeping of the invoices.